Book Tag Thursday: Bookish Time Travel

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As always for this segment I will find awesome book tags throughout the vast, wide inter-webs and complete mini-challenges. I’ll hope you’ll have fun and participate with me as well! Leave your own answers in the comments or write your post and link it back to me. (You are also free to use the picture if you’d like, just credit me.)

Today’s Topic: Bookish Time Travel

Created ByThe Library Wizard

1. What is your favorite historical setting for a book?

This is a really hard question for me since I love historical fiction of all periods, but I’d have to say the Jazz Age (1920’s) and 1930’s as well.

2. What writer/s would you like to travel back in time to meet?

There are a ton! To name a few Zora Neale Hurston, William Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Toni Cade Bambara. The list would go on and on!

3. What book/s would you travel back in time and give to your younger self?


Probably the Harry Potter series and more of the classics that are geared to younger readers.

4. What book/s would you travel forward in time and give to your older self? (What book do you want to remind your older self of because it was really important to you?)

a tree grows in brooklyn

One book that I read that I thought was excellent growing up and that I would give to my older self is A Tree Grows In Brooklyn by Betty Smith. I really like it’s theme about the determination to rise above difficult circumstances.

5. What is your favorite futuristic setting from a book? E.g. Panem from The Hunger Games (said no one ever)

Futuristic? I can’t really name any off of the top of my head right now.

6. What is your favorite book that is set in a different time period (can be historical or futuristic)?

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, The Color Purple by Alice Walker, Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson, to name a few. Since I read so much historical fiction it’s hard for me to pick only one book!

7. Spoiler Time: Do you ever skip ahead to the end of a book just to see what happens?

Yes, I do. But I think I’m not the only reader guilty of this habit.

8. If you had a Time Turner, where would you go and what would
you do?

I would go to the age of the Harlem Renaissance, meet with the famous Jazz musicians of the time, and dance the night away.

9. Favorite book (if you have one) that includes time travel or takes place in multiple time periods?

The Girl From Everywhere

My most recent read that would be my favorite is The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig.

10. What book/series do you wish you could go back and read again for the first time?

Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine, Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon, Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler, Blonde Roots by Bernadine Evaristo (You can clearly see that I’m having a hard time picking one book for each question, lol)

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Monthly Comic Corner: August Edition

Monthly Comic Corner

“Monthly Comic Corner” is a segment that compiles mini-reviews of comics, graphic novels, and manga that I’ve read for the month. Here are my reviews for the month of August which featured superheros, …

Avengers Arena vol.1

Avengers Arena Vol.1: Kill or Die by  Dennis Hopeless (Writer), Kev Walker (Artist), Alessandro Vitti (Artist)

Page Length: 144 pages (paperback edition)

Genre: Superheroes, Fiction

Synopsis: Trapped on an isolated island, 16 superhuman teens (including cult favorites like members of the Runaways, the Avengers Academy and Darkhawk) are given a chilling ultimatum by their demented captor: Fight or die…only one will walk out alive! Thus begins a primal battle that will test the skills, stamina and morals of each combatant. Welcome to Murder World, where secrets are plenty, alliances are fleeting, and the key to victory might be rewriting the rules of the game. Who will survive? As Cammi and Hazmat battle the mysterious Deathlocket, X-23 and Juston Seyfert’s Sentinel join the fray…but who is the killer stalking the heroes in their sleep? Who are the students of the Braddock Aacdemy? And why does Darkhawk equal death? We dare you to tune in to your new favorite comic…NOW! (description from Goodreads)


Avengers Arena is basically Battle Royale with super heroes. While I though it was going to be predictable in the beginning, a quarter into reading volume one my thoughts completely changed. The story is very similar to Battle Royale, but it does put a spin on it by adding its own flavor. Through the span of a hundred pages we are introduced to variety of superheroes in short period of time and I never felt like the story was being rushed at all. It is very action packed and fast paced, so we are introduced to characters profiles/back story during the calmer moments outside of battle.

I thoroughly enjoyed the artwork and the characters that presented in this first volume. (Hazmat is by far, my favorite character at the moment). It pays homage to similar stories by the artwork of each chapter page which resembles books such as The Lord of the Flies (William Golding) and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I think I’ll continue with this series since I enjoy the characters, artwork, and story line. I’m curious to see how the plot will develop over time.

Final Verdict:

4 star rating


Rat Queens Vol.1: Sass & Sorcery by by Kurtis J. Wiebe (Writer), Roc Upchurch (Artist)

Page Length: 128 pages (paperback edition)

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction

Synopsis: Who are the Rat Queens?

A pack of booze-guzzling, death-dealing battle maidens-for-hire, and they’re in the business of killing all god’s creatures for profit.

It’s also a darkly comedic sass-and-sorcery series starring Hannah the Rockabilly Elven Mage, Violet the Hipster Dwarven Fighter, Dee the Atheist Human Cleric and Betty the Hippy Smidgen Thief. This modern spin on an old school genre is a violent monster-killing epic that is like Buffy meets Tank Girl in a Lord of the Rings world on crack! (description from Goodreads)


I’ve heard many people talking about how amazing Rat Queens is on the internet so I decided to give the story a try. The first volume was absolutely amazing and the characters had me hooked from the first page! Each one of the ladies has a different personality and fighting style, but put them all together and they make an amazing team. They are humorous, sassy, brash, and they kick butt! (Dee is my favorite out of the group!) Though we are introduced to the characters in a shorter span of time, we get to know them well enough to connect with them on some level in the first volume. There are still many questions surrounding their backgrounds and how they came to be this way, but I’m looking forward to revealing their pasts through reading the rest of the story.

I love the artwork and fantasy aspect of Rat Queens. When I read the story, I felt as if I was transported to another world because of the attention to detail in the way the landscapes are presented. I liked the way the characters are drawn and that even though dialogue isn’t being spoken they seem to talk through their eyes. This series is a great combination of magic, action, and a somewhat medieval times feel. If you enjoy action-packed fantasy stories, this series is up your alley!

Final Verdict:

5 star rating

Spider Gwen Vol.1

Spider Gwen Vol. 0: Most Wanted? by Jason Latour (Writer), Robbi Rodriguez (Artist)

Page Length: 112 pages (paperback edition)

Genre: Superheroes, Fiction

Synopsis: IN ONE UNIVERSE, it wasn’t Peter Parker who was bitten by the radioactive spider, but Gwen Stacy! She’s smart, charming and can lift a car … just don’t tell her father, the police chief. Now, in the wake of Spider-Verse, Gwen swings into her own solo adventures! And she soon finds herself between a rock and a hard place when the Vulture attacks, and NYPD Lieutenant Frank Castle sets his sights on bringing her down. Then, still haunted by Peter’s death, Gwen visits his only family: Ben and May Parker. But what really happened the day Peter died? Find out right here as the spectacular Spider-Gwen steals not only the spotlight, but also the hearts of comic fans worldwide! (description from Goodreads)


I had high hopes for Spider Gwen seeing as I have been a fan of Spider-Man comics when I was growing up (original story and spin-offs starring other main characters), but the story fell kind of flat for me. Even after reading a quarter way into the first volume, I just couldn’t connect to the story and didn’t feel very invested in it. Gwen’s story failed to grab my attention, but I did enjoy the action scenes.

I did enjoy the artwork style, since it’s reminiscent of the Spider-Man comics. I thought Gwen’s costume design was really cool and I love homage to the original costume, but how they updated it with a newer look. Spider Gwen wasn’t really up my alley, but I’d probably try some other Spider-Man alternate universe stories.

Final Verdict:

3 star rating

What fun or interesting comics, graphic novels, or manga have you read lately? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, and if you have any recommendations feel free to share those as well.:)

Book Review: “Saving Montgomery Sole” by Mariko Tamaki

saving montgomery sole

“Saving Montgomery Sole” by Mariko Tamaki (2016)

Genre: YA, Fiction, Contemporary

Page Length: 228 pages (hardcover edition)


In sight not see
black light not be

This is the curious instruction that comes with the Eye of Know, the possibly powerful crystal amulet that Montgomery Sole buys online for $5.99. It’s also the next topic of discussion at Mystery Club (members: Monty and her two best friends, Thomas and Naoki), dedicated to the exploration of the strange and unexplained.

When Monty wears the Eye of Know, strange things happen, all targeted at people she despises. Maybe it will help Monty take down her newest enemy, a preacher who has come to save her town from so-called sinners—sinners like Monty’s moms. Or will its mysterious powers mean the end of the friendships Monty cherishes most?

Mariko Tamaki has created a thoughtful, funny, and painfully honest story about family, religion, ignorance, and other unsolved high school mysteries. (description from Goodreads)


Saving Montgomery Sole follows the story of a girl named Montgomery (aka “Monty”) who runs a mystery club with her two best friends Naoki & Thomas, where they discover the unknown together. Monty feels that she is powerless and is tired of dealing with bullies and ends up ordering the “Eye of Know” in order to handle these issues. The mysterious amulet helps her take down bullies, but she ends up consequently becoming one of the villains she so despises because she’s hurting people and judging them without really getting to knowing them.

Monty is a little “out there” and unique, but that’s what I liked about her character the most. She’s “old school”, loves solving a good mystery, and enjoys retro music and vintage clothing. Monty does her own thing and tries to stay in her lane to avoid the jocks, popular girls, and typical high school drama. I loved Monty’s little side notes throughout the novel of her likes, dislikes, and questions about the universe. It made the book entertaining, but also gave more depth into her personality and character growth. Though Monty and her friends don’t really fit into any social group I loved how they stay true to themselves. They have a tight friendship are very supportive of one another.

The first thing that really struck me about this book is how diverse the characters are (POC, Multiracial, LGBT) and I appreciated that Tamaki showcases a variety people in the story and also makes it  relatable to a wide audience. It tackles a lot of issues such as high school, coming of age, family, finding yourself, among other things that are discussed in the book. I loved the way her moms are written and how their personalities are showcased as well as their support of Monty and her sister Tesla (such a cool name!). Her moms sacrificed a lot for them both, and it shows how much they love their daughters.

I also thought it was interesting how Tamaki discusses religion in this novel as it seems omnipresent as the presence of the Reverend White looms all over Monty’s town. While a reverend is supposed to voice messages of hope he spews messages of hate and I like how the problem came to some kind of resolution in the end.

While this novel is contemporary its equal parts magical realism because of some the supernatural occurrences that happen in the book. Overall, it was an enjoyable read and Monty’s story of coming to terms with herself and society, will be able to resonate with its readers.

Final Verdict:

4 star rating

Booktube Bites: Bibliomania

booktube bites

Booktube Bites is a weekly segment in which I spotlight cool bookish videos on the internet. I will discuss some entertaining videos and Booktubers which you can check out. Feel free to participate as well, and send in your own recommendations of videos you would like spotlighted.

Found on: Youtube

Today’s Video: Bibliomania

For this week’s weekly video, I chose an interesting animated short film called “Bibliomania”. Directed and animated by Rosalie Osman, the film follows a man named Thomas Phillips who inherits his father’s library as well as his craving for books. As Thomas desires to collect even more books he turns to the town to feed his ever-growing collection and things get out of control.

Collecting/buying books can be a glorious thing. But this animated short shows readers just how quickly things can get out of hand! Not only do they take up lots of space, but it can cost you lots of money. I’ve personally had to cut back on acquiring new books since I don’t have a large space to store them.

Question of the week: How large is your book collection? How do you acquire most of your books? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!🙂


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Tea Time Review: Organic Cream of Earl Grey by David’s Tea

tea time review

Hello fellow readers and tea drinkers! Although Welcome to another edition of Tea Time Review where I try various types of teas and share my thoughts about them. To see my most recent tea review, click here.


This time I decided to review another one of David’s Teas called “Organic Cream of Earl Grey“. I was a little nervous about trying this blend since I’m not really a fan of Earl Grey, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good this tea would taste.


A closer look at the blend…

As the website state’s this blend a creamy version of the classic tea “Early Grey” and it has hints of Bergamot and Vanilla in its blend. It’s recommended that you scoop 1-2 tsp of this tea and steep for a minimum of 4-7 minutes depending on how strong you want it to be.

I steeped it for a total of 5 minutes and this was the result:


Voila! After it cooled off, it was ready to enjoy.

My Overall Thoughts:

I enjoyed this tea. It’s vanilla aroma and creamy taste made it so much better the original Earl Grey (to me). Like most black teas, I added a bit sugar to it, since they can be a bit too strong for me at times. The thing that most stood out to me about this tea was its smooth taste which gave it a calming feel. There’s only a medium amount of caffeine in the tea so it’s perfect for relaxing, but it equallt gives me a small boost of energy.

If you like Earl Grey Tea, I think you’ll definitely enjoy this blend.

3 star rating

What tasty teas have you tried lately? Which teas would you recommend drinking while reading a good book? Comment below with your thoughts.🙂

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Book Review: “When We Collided” by Emery Lord

when we collided

“When We Collided” by Emery Lord (2016)

Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance

Page Length: 352 pages (hardcover edition)


Jonah never thought a girl like Vivi would come along.

Vivi didn’t know Jonah would light up her world.

Neither of them expected a summer like this…a summer that would rewrite their futures.

In an unflinching story about new love, old wounds, and forces beyond our control, two teens find that when you collide with the right person at just the right time, it will change you forever.


When We Collided is a contemporary novel with a boy meets girl story. The story is set in the summertime in a beautiful, quaint, and small seaside town called Verona Cove. The detail used to describe Verona Cove makes it seem like a relaxing getaway and it definitely sounds like a place I’d want to visit.

My first impressions of Vivi, one of the main characters, is that she is a bright and bubbly girl who says what’s on her mind. She’s somewhat of an extrovert who wants to get the most out of the “Verona experience” since she’s used to traveling all the time and is only  in town for the summer. Under the surface, it’s clear that Vivi deals with depression, among some other issues which are brought to light later on in the story.

On the other hand, Jonah is a quieter person. He’s the”man” of the house (6 siblings) who takes care of the younger brothers and sisters. He feels heavy responsibility because his mom is suffering from depression after his father’s death. He struggles with all the duties that fall upon him while wanting to live life like a normal teenager.

Despite Jonah and Vivi being complete opposites of each other, there is an instant attraction between the two. Both characters are dealing with the loss of a parent figure, as well as many personal struggles. Their meeting somehow helps each other to heal their scars.

When We Collided feels very realistic and I like the way it explored grief, depression, family, and mental illness. I think why I and so many other readers enjoyed this novel so much is because of the way the characters are written. Even though Jonah and Vivi are teenagers they are shown in a mature light as they tackle life’s obstacles. The book is beautifully written, Vivi’s and Jonah’s stories are heart wrenching and real. It was an emotional book that had me in tears at some points of the story.

I also appreciated how the novel promotes awareness of mental illness. Vivi and Jonah act a support system for each together  before they become each other’s romantic counterparts. I never felt like Lord was trying to romanticize mental illness like some of the previous contemporary novels I have read.

The only negative thing that I have to say about this book is that I would have liked to seen more back stories and insight into the supporting characters. I was really intrigued by them and wanted to learn more about them.

This novel had me hooked from page one. And even though its marked as a romance, the book is so much more than that. It’s story about overcoming obstacles, first love, and growing up.

Final Verdict:

5 star rating

Awesome August Giveaway! (Closed)

Awesome August Giveaway

Hello all! As promised a couple of months ago I’m back with another fabulous giveaway for all my readers out there! I’ll giving away books for you to enjoy as we transition from the end of summer into the start of the fall season.

Here are the prizes up for grabs!

YA Book Bundle:

August book bundle giveaway ya


Orleans by Sherri L. Smith

Spirit’s Chosen by Ester Friesner

Surprise bookish goodies! (Not pictured)

Adult Book Bundle:

adult august book bundle giveaway


Breathless by Anne Sward

Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi

Surprise bookish goodies! (Not pictures)

*Note these copies might have a small marking on them because some are overstock book buys


  • You must be 16 or older to enter
  • Only one winner per package
  • Only one entry per person
  • Winners will be chosen randomly through Rafflecopter
  • Contest open to US residents only

Good luck to everyone that enters!

The giveaway will run from August 20th till the 23rd at midnight!

Winners will be announced on August 24th through my Facebook and Twitter accounts and will be contacted directly through email.

Enter Giveaway Here!!!

Disclaimer: Open to Residents of the US only. The product offered for the giveaway is free of charge, no purchase necessary. Products offered through the giveaway do not constitute an endorsement or sponsorship of said products. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by any form of compensation.  Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are in no way associated with this giveaway.  By providing your information in this form, you are providing your information to me and me alone. I do not share or sell information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner.”

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